Current Studio Tenants

Jo Hollier

“My early education in etching began using traditional techniques without much thought given to the environmental and personal safety of our methods and materials. Recent trends towards a more environmentally sensitive lifestyle have prompted me to experiment with new, gentler and safer methods which can also replicate the aesthetic of an etching. This has involved reducing the amount of solvents and increasingly using acrylic etching mediums. This experimental process has recently lead to some exciting results in the early exploration of solar plate etching.”

Jo likes to explore the painterly aspects of the etching medium as much as possible by manipulating the ink on the plate, combining techniques, mixing colours and adding collaged papers. In this way she is able to create a print which is unique.

The source of inspiration for her work is the world about her, nature and personal experience and memories. Her favoured media include printmaking, etching and drawing, are often mixed with paint media and collage. Her work shows a love of line and colour with a hint of the exotic!!

Jo Hollier has exhibited in many group and solo shows both locally, nationally and overseas. She was recently selected to exhibit in China for the 3rd International Chinese Modern Folk Art Exhibition in Jiaxing. She is represented by various galleries in Australia, Jordan and China.

Cary James: Printmaking, painting/drawing

Having attended various workshops and classes in drawing and painting at the ANU Art School Cary James developed an avid interest in the visual arts. This interest has led him to explore the art of printmaking. In particular the etching process. His work shows a close attention to detail using traditional methods of hard ground, soft ground, dry point and aquatint. His objective is to expand his repertoire of method through experimentation of safer and more contemporary techniques and has begun early experimentation with solar plate etching.

Portraiture and the human body are recurring themes in his work. Cary also continues to draw and paint in all media and finds inspiration from travels abroad and the people he meets.

Joan James: Textiles

Joan James is a teacher and she also has an Associate Diploma in Creative Arts – Textiles and Ceramics. She works as a mixed media artist specialising in Shibori (Japanese shaped resist dyeing) and indigo dyeing. She also paints in various mediums, makes books, wearable art and jewellery using semi-precious stones.

She has taught and worked in the Art/Textile field for many years, and has developed considerable expertise in this area by participating in many Master Classes. Joan teaches workshops in Shibori, indigo dyeing, batik, silk painting, marbling, screen printing and wearable art.

She has exhibited internationally (London, Paris, Hong Kong, New Zealand) and nationally with her work over the years. She is the Secretary General of the World Shibori Network Australia and New Zealand and has been responsible for organising exhibitions for the WSN ANZ in Paris, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Her work can be found in the SCOOP shop at Strathnairn and on the web at in the members section under Australia and New Zealand.

Workshop enquiries

Trenna Langdon: Ceramics

“I relate to the landscape around me and the palette of colours that I use is from that environment. I am developing surfaces and forms in response to the colours and textures of our environment.”

Trenna Langdon can be contacted via

Peter Latona: Sculptor

I have been sculpting and teaching sculpture in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra since graduating from art college in 1976.

I specialise in portrait busts, figures, medallions and plaques, cast in bronze [picture: statue of Al Grassby at entrance to the Multicultural Centre, Civic, Canberra]. Commissions sometimes grow into series, like the 25 intricate figurines of the past PMs of Oz, or memorial busts of Country Music heroes in Bicentennial Park, Tamworth NSW. I have exhibited in most Australian capital cities, have commissioned-work in UK and USA, and once organised a national poetry festival.

Vivien Lightfoot: Ceramics

I have been working intensively in clay since 1986 when I began an Associate Diploma at the Canberra Institute of the Arts. The human form has been my major preoccupation and I have spent a great deal of time studying portraiture. I am constantly exploring surface texture, colour and application to the ceramic sculptural figures, often firing each piece up to ten times to create layers of visual complexity and a rich patina.

Leo Loomans: Sculptor

“Constructing in welded steel is for me a means of drawing out, expressing and reflecting on ideas, to the best of my ability, into clear, articulate and resonant sculptural form. I find it a highly interactive -and occasionally deeply satisfying- process, both physically and mentally.”

Leo is currently represented by : Megalo Access Arts Gallery in Canberra and Legge Gallery in Sydney.

Michael Sainsbury: Fine furniture

Versatile artist and craftsman Michael Sainsbury produces fine furniture, wooden toys, and turned wood articles. He is also well known for his slip cast and moulded ceramics

Examples of Michael’s work may be seen in SHOP  in the Strathnairn Homestead gallery.

Michael is able to take commissions for tables, shelving, cabinets and other made to order items. Contact Michael on (02) 6254 2134, Mob: 0439 990 087 or by email –

Nancy Tingey: Textiles

I joined the Strathnairn community in 2007 settling after years of travel between England and Australia.

Trained as a painter, stained glass designer, art curator and educator, I began working with textiles thirty years ago. A passion for piecing thousands of hexagonal cloth patches led to more conceptual work and an MA in constructed textiles examining the issues arising from my experience of living in two cultures and expressing these through installations, digital imagery and film.

While studying in England from 2002 – 6, I experimented with industrial felt making machines and collaborated with spinners to produce continuous lines of textile. Fascination for these making processes has led to a current project researching net making and trapping fibres.

A commission to design logos for a chemical product in 2007 encouraged me to return to mixed media work on paper and explore ways of using the computer as a design tool. I am also playing with ways of manipulating a gift of paper made by a colleague as part of a body of work about living on the edge.

Other studio holders:

GW Bot: Painter and printmaker

Catherine Drinan: Ceramics

Berrendina De Ruiter

Blaide Lallemand: Performance, new media and site-specific installation

Ilona Lasmanis: Printmaker and mixed media

Kensuke Todo: Sculpture

Shaun Hayes: Ceramics

Heidi Strachan: Ceramics