Strathnairn has a range of electric, gas and wood fired kilns available for hire.

Kilns are available for hire to financial members with experience firing kilns. The kilns and all their furniture are a valuable resource of Strathnairn Arts which need to be looked after to ensure their usefulness and long life.

A list of charges for kiln use can be downloaded here.

They are also potentially dangerous to people, buildings etc and must be used with care. The Kiln Conditions of Use must be read and adhered to. Please download a copy here. There is also a kiln report in the kiln room that should be checked prior to firing – this will list any problems that other users may have had when firing a particular kiln.

All users are required to accurately record their electricity or gas use in the utility log book in the kiln room. This allows Strathnairn Arts to correctly invoice the relevant user. Failure to accurately record electricity or gas use can lead to kiln access being withdrawn. The Morris and large salt kilns are on one gas regulator – as a general rule, they should not be fired at the same time.

Booking of Kilns

Kilns must be booked in advance using the online booking calendar. Make sure you allow for the packing, firing and unpacking times under the relevant days in the calendar. Access to online booking is available to financial Strathnairn members only.

Unrestricted viewing of the kiln booking calendar is available to anyone via the Kiln Log Book blog. You will also find posts from kiln users, plus offers of kiln space and discussions on technique, materials and the habits of Strathnairn’s kilns. This is an evolving resource and we welcome feedback.

For any queries about membership, kiln booking calendar access or kiln bookings, please contact the Program coordinator via