Bird Hide


Bird Hide is an organic sculptural installation of branches and adobe nestled amongst trees on the edge of the Strathnairn dam to observe birds and wildlife. Intertwined Eucalypt branches with sections of adobe over a woven infill enclose a space for quiet observation and contemplation of the natural life around the dam. The sculptural qualities of the branches and textures of the adobe surround the user and connect us with place and the natural world.

Bird Hide was designed and constructed by Philip Nizette and Jennifer Jones (Wellspring Environmental Arts & Design); all weaving and infill was completed by around 30 workshop participants over one weekend.


Bird Hide was constructed as part of our 2013 centenary event Terrain:Mapping Strathnairn, with a grant from the Canberra Centenary Initiatives Fund.

Materials: Eucalypt (mostly Eucalyptus mannifera, from two trees approved for felling);
donated hazel; poplar and wattle from Strathnairn, adobe.

Philip and Jennifer, both long-term Strathnairn members, have created many permanent
site-specific artworks in Canberra and interstate since forming Wellspring in 1996, at parks, playgrounds, schools, libraries, hospitals, recreation reserves. In 2006 and 2008 their artwork installations were prominent at Festival Hue, Vietnam. Their sculptures can also be seen in two southern provinces in Vietnam – Dak Lak and Ninh Thuan.

Bird Hide design drawing, Wellspring Environmental Art & Design

Bird Hide design drawing, Wellspring Environmental Art & Design

Bird Hide design view 1

Bird Hide concept drawing, Wellspring Environmental Art & Design